GE Intelligent Platforms






Programmable Automation Controllers
Expanding On Traditional PLCs
GE Intelligent Platforms created the concept of the Programmable Automation Controller with the introduction of our PACSystems™ family of automation controllers. Expanding on traditional PLCs, GE’s PAC controllers provide a highly reliable, high-performance advanced control platform for discrete logic control, motion control, and process control. While GE offers and supports a wide variety of communications protocols to support our customers needs, we have standardized our control systems on the market-leading industrial network, PROFINET, to provide an extremely high performance, highly reliable, yet simple to configure and install distributed IO network.

GE PAC Systems Rxi






PACSystems™ RXi
The NEW PACSystems RXi family is an advanced, high-performance, small footprint control and computing platform for distributed applications (process or discrete)

GE Rx3i






PACSystems™ RX3i
High performance traditional modular control system designed for process or discrete applications. Best choice for motion and high availability solutions.

GE Rx7i






PACSystems™ RX7i
Standard embedded open architecture for industrial control applications requiring special purpose built VME modules or intense data handling

GE PAC 8000






PAC8000 Controllers are designed specifically to provide a solution where a controller needs to be field mounted in the extreme environments found in process applications. The PAC8000 Controller consists of a Process Controller, Logic Controller, and Hybrid Controller which combines the capabilities of both.

90-30 Series






Series 90-30
The Series 90-30 is a versatile line of low to mid range applications. The Series 90-30 supports a wide range of applications with specialty modules.







VersaMax Modular
The VersaMax Modular line of control addresses simple control. The I/O modules support hot swap to increase system uptime.

Versamax Nano






VersaMax Micro
The VersaMax Micro and Nano enable users to address a wide range of low end applications. The micro supports discrete, analog and simple motion applications.

Quick Panel






QuickPanel Control
The QuickPanel Control combines visualization and control into one hardware platform. The QuickPanel supports a wide range of I/O types.

Control Software






Control Software
GE Intelligent Platforms’ automation software suites are designed to enable you to get the most out of your investment in automation controllers. From a single programming environment for developing PAC controller and operator interface applications to a scalable hybrid process control system, GE’s integrated application development tools are designed to minimize development and deployment time. Our new Collaborative Automation Portal takes these capabilities to the next level by allowing communities of customers to create and share solutions to automation problems, manage a variety of digital assets associated with equipment, and monitor their fleet of automation assets wherever they are in the world.







Innovation That Drives Results
CIMPLICITY is a client/server based visualization and control solution that helps you visualize your operations, perform supervisory automation and deliver reliable information to higher-level analytic applications. With the latest features of CIMPLICITY 8.2, including .net scripting, historian expressions for animations and scripts, alarm change approval, SOA/Workflow integration, new notification tools and the enhanced add on option digital graphical replay (DGR) 2.2, operators and engineers have the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their environment, equipment and resources. The results: faster responsiveness reduced costs and increased profitability.