Data Acquisition & Automation Systems

Data Acquisition & Automation Systems product line includes I/O ModBUS, CANopen, Ethernet, LED and OLED HMI technology, IEC 61131 logic controllers for Energy Management, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5 -104, IEC 61850 process controllers and flow computers. SENECA I/O systems are modular and open automation platforms suitable for both single and thousands I/O signals management. They include the widest variety of I/O modules: digital inputs, high-speed counters, relay digital outputs and mosfet, analog channels (mA, V, Ohm, mV), strain gauges, RTDs, thermocouples, measures of power grid. SENECA systems are designed to help systems integrators, engineering/design firms, instrumentation manufacturers, electricians, qualified installers.


Industrial Communication & Telecontrol

Industrial Communication & Telecontrol product line includes industrial modems and gateways, VPN routers, radios UHF/VHF, serial communications interfaces and fiber optics, remote control units, remote alarm and assistance units. SENECA products for industrial communication support leading network protocols HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TCP-IP, and technologies like 3G+ and webservers. SENECA communication equipments allow the extension of scalable networks and allow data communication between different levels of IT and industrial network architecture. Networking and remote monitoring SENECA solutions offer openness, scalability and maximum connectivity in the transmission of data from and to supervision centers.


Power Monitoring & Electrical Measurement

Power Monitoring & Electrical Measurement product line includes systems for monitoring consumption such energy power meters with ModBUS multifunctional webserver, harmonic analysis, Rogowski coils and energy counters with ModBUS/Ethernet/M-Bus protocols also available with MID certification. There are different AC/DC converters to manage with patented measuring magnetic principle or Hall effect and multistandard converters for electric values (Vrms, Irms, Watt, VAR, frequency, energy, power factor) with ModBUS or analog output. The reliability and the wide range of products allow the achievement of fundamental objectives, with the maximum ease of use, in reducing the wiring, energy saving, existing installations revamping/retrofitting and energy efficiency.


Measurement and control panel instrumentation

Measurement and control panel instrumentation product line includes signal converters, digital indicators, totalizers, Pre-settings, power surge protections, power supplies, temperature and humidity sensors. With a wide dedicated proposal for industrial monitoring equipment, SENECA offers the most advanced optical, capacitive and inductive technologies for signals field normalization given by sensors and actuators, the galvanic isolation, electrical protection, free loops measurement and electrical and environmental parameters control. The products for signals conditioning can be also used in universal applications combining different SENECA products. Their electrical or mechanical structure are designed to minimize wiring and maintenance activities.



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